AMC PLUS is the new Application for managing the control panel via smartphone and tablet, available for Apple and Android.


- Updated and improved graphics

- Video verification system 

- Importing system maps for each area and group

- Possibility of having different users with different functions

- Increased speed and decreased bandwidth consumption

- Easy to use

- No need setting




- Operation via CLOUD no need configurations

- ARM and DISARM in all combinations

- Enable and disable all programmed outputs

- Bypass of all zones ready and not ready

- Importing graphics maps of building where the system is installed

- Importing and changing ICONS and PHOTO of zones

- Events log

- Multiple installed control panel with 1 APP

- PUSH notifications

- HTTPS (SSL4) data protection 

- Guaranteed operation with GPRS - 3G - 4G

- Different sound notification for different events

- App and maps can work in portrait and in landscape

- Different users with different priority

- Video verification (by possibility to download pre and post alarm videos)

- Possibility to connect in live view with sensor camera



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