The X Series are security control panels for building protection; hybrid system (wired and wireless input); EN 50131, Grade 2, Class 2 approved. The control panel has audio support on board and is equipped of 4/8 zones, expandable to 16/64. It is possible to obtain more zones by double and triple EOL split line (X412-X824).

X Series are able to notify one or more situations of ALARM, ROBBERY, TAMPERING and TROUBLE with different carriers:


•  PSTN LINE on board (voice call, Contact ID, SIA fsk, etc.)

•  GPRS/3G module (voice call, SMS, Contact ID, DC09 IP protocol for Contact ID and SIA IP)

•  IP module (DC09 IP protocol for Contact ID and SIA IP)



The panel can be controlled by new App AMC MANAGER (iOS / Android) with IP module and/or GPRS / 3G module. The programming can be made with keypad and/or PC software. The programming with software can be made remotely with IP module and/or GPRS / 3G module.




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X Series