Expr 900

Radio expansion 916 MHz 


It is a radio receiver on serial bus operating in the 916 MHz band with the ability to store 32 two-way radio devices of different types: remote controls, detectors, smoke detectors, inertial etc. Thanks to 128-bit AES encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard) ensures maximum protection against attempts of cloning or masking signal. The power of transmission of the radio signals from the various devices is managed and limited by control panel to a sufficient value, thus increasing the average life of the batteries. The communication between the control panel and devices is bidirectional for each type of transmission which must be confirmed by the receiver, allowing to obtain the maximum safety concerning the outcome of communication and to avoid congestion of the radio signals. The operations of installation and maintenance are made easier by the total lack of switches and potentiometers hardware; all devices are configurable by the control panel. The learning mode of the devices can be automatic by means of self-learning by the control panel or manually by means of coding of each individual device.

Dimensions:  W 37, H 130, D 27 mm


  • [Tech manual] - expr900_it_en_1.pdf

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