Soutdoor/L is a dual digital PIR detector, with an analysis system that takes into account the two most important changes that may occur during a movement: the speed and the intensity. With the simultaneous comparison of these two information, the detector is able to discriminate repetitive movements from intrusion, lowering the percentage of false alarms. With hight thermal variations, the totally digital temperature compensation system, guarantees a great performance. Has 12 mt max coverage, with angle of 90°. With usable different type of lens it is possible use the detector in different situation, related to the height positioning, and the type of protection required, as curtain protection etc. 

Available colours: white Dimensions: W 85, H 185, D 66 mm


Functional features:

- Double PIR detector with AND function (AND time 4’’)

- Range from 6 mt to 12 mt

Alarm Led

Double pulse function

Interchangeable fresnel lenses


Free alarm contact solid state relay (NO, NC)

Tamper contact solid state relay (NO, NC)


Technical features:

Power supply: from 10.5 V to 15 V

Stand-by consumption: 14 uA

Alarm consumption: 25 mA

Protection class IP65



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