MIX400 - Radio Receiver


MIX400 is a 48 channel universal wireless receiver, memorizable and free assignable on 8 solid state relay outputs. The system is able to receive radio signals on the whole available bandwidth (from 433.22 to 434.62). In fact every device transmits at the same time on different frequencies to avoid radio collisions (overlapping of the signals transmitted contemporaneously from the various memorized devices). The radio circuit is realized with Quartz CHIPS that ensures an absolute time stability. The FSK digital radio transmission with 112 bit rolling code. MIX400 is a completely configurable interface; it’s possible to assign any single input of any device to any output of the interface. It’s possible to organize the outputs in activation’s groups; in this way the system is suitable also with control panels that haven’t partitions. It’s equipped with Radio Range Monitoring, Battery Status, Supervision and Radio Noise Monitoring systems. 

Available colours: white

Dimensions: W 173, H 115, D 30 mm


  • [Tech manual] - v1.3 MIX400_EN.pdf

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